i have got a few chobot pics!



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Tell u wat

Tell u wat, im going to leave the blog for a while.

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Sorry again

i am soooooooooooo sorry that i forgot to post because i was training on clubpenguin

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Rockhopper & Mission coming soon

Hello Penguins!

There’s going to be a lot going on in Club Penguin over the next couple of weeks that we haven’t talked about–so I thought I would give you a quick head’s up! 
The team is nearly finished the new secret agent mission–and believe me you don’t want to miss its release early next week! I can’t say a lot more about it, and there will be more info coming to agents very soon. 
If you haven’t completed the last mission, be sure you do before the new mission comes out. If you’re not a secret agent but you’re at least 30 days old, click the M on the top right corner of your screen and apply to become one.
I also just heard that Rockhopper is coming back!! You can’t see his ship anywhere on the horizon right now, but the team is getting things ready for his return. He will arrive at the end of the month! 
As always let us know what you think! I’ll have more info on summer events soon!
Until then…waddle on!

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Mission Sneak Peek

Hello Penguins!

I had hoped to post earlier this week, but things have been really busy around here getting ready for the upcoming mission release.  Many of you have been wondering when the next one will be ready and I’m really excited to tell you to expect it near the end of June. For all of you who have played mission 7 you’ll know there’s lots to look forward to in  the next one! If you haven’t played the latest mission, make sure you get caught up so you’re ready when the next one comes out!


From what I’ve seen so far, I’m really excited about it but would love to hear what you think. Here’s a sneak peek of some work the team has already done.





As always let us know what you think!

In other news: The Water Party starts on Friday. It will go from June 13 – 17. Be sure to check it out! 

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